Bestiary Pack - Book + 6 Postcards

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Magic Buck - A Bestiary by Andy Leuenberger - Part 1

© 2016, Berlin
Offset print
Size: 10.5 x 14.5 cm
28 pages (27 cartoons)
Cover: 300g
Inside: 160g
Edition: 250


The Bestiary is a picture book for young at heart grown-ups. The animal depictions serve as metaphors for human comedy. The series is illustrated with colour inks on A4 paper.

Popular in the Middle Ages, a bestiary dealt with physical, spiritual and mythic aspects of animals, often in conjunction with a moral lesson.

Released at Ratatá Festival, in Macerata Italy on 14.04.2016.

Work on this bestiary started in 2011 and there is a selection of well over a hundred pages by now. They are being published in a series of 28 page books, of which "Magic Buck" is the first. The next book may appear by the end of 2016.